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Housing services

We never lack for anything up here because we gladly come together in neighborly cooperation to launch initiatives that sustain our region’s vitality.

Abitibi-Ouest offers an attractive variety of housing.

That said, it must adjust to provide a housing inventory that meets the diverse needs of the population. With residential construction activity being fairly stable, a growing demand for housing is pushing the community to be bold and creative in adjusting to the new situation.

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Home ownership

More than 75% of households own their home in Abitibi-Ouest, the highest home ownership rate in the region and well above the rate in Quebec (61%). Not surprisingly, single-family homes are the most popular choice of residence in Abitibi-Ouest. In recent years, the resale market for single-family homes has been very dynamic, with an increase in transactions and a sharp rise in average prices. However, despite this rapid growth, affordability remains reasonable and competitive compared with the rest of the region and the province. Your dream of owning your own home has never been so accessible.

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The rental market

The average monthly cost of an apartment in Abitibi-Ouest is lower than in other cities in the region and the province. The vacancy rate for rental units is low, however. Many players in the region are working to develop solutions that will help balance supply and demand.

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Social housing

Social housing is housing owned by the community, directly subsidized by the State and intended to be used for non-profit purposes. This housing is essential for people experiencing financial difficulties, providing them with a way to alleviate their socio-economic conditions. Over the past 10 years, the supply of social, community and affordable housing has remained relatively stable in Abitibi-Ouest, with a total of 277 units.

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