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Living in Abitibi-Ouest

I want to live in Abitibi-Quest

Thinking of settling here, but not sure where to start? An array of services can guide you through the decision-making process or assist with your integration into the community.

Soutien à Remote Support

A personalized support service, available to individuals who are interested in relocating to Abitibi-Ouest, will facilitate their settlement in the region. The overall plan could be vague and long-term, or very specific and short-term. The remote support starts with making contact with the candidate to assess their needs. Support and guidance is then provided to help them achieve their goals. Often, the primary focus is on finding a job in the candidate’s field of activity.

I would like remote support

Exploratory visit

Whether you’re with a group or on your own, our Exploratory visit are sure bets! You’ll have the chance to visit the region, discover the local area, build up your network of contacts and plan the process of settling into a new life. Even better… most of the costs of your visit are reimbursed!

Exploratory visits are customized introductory visits that allow you to discover the Abitibi-Ouest region based on your needs and interests. The stays, usually one or two days, provide an opportunity to network, see the area, learn about possible activities and get your bearings. Events are also planned to bring participants and local players together to make contacts.

Interesting Incentives

There are numerous incentives, financial or otherwise, that could inspire and facilitate your relocation to Abitibi-Ouest.

  • The warm and welcoming community;
  • A Bourse Repère from Desjardins of up to $1,500;
  • A number of bursaries provided by Mobilisation de la Grande Séduction of up to $10,000;
  • Start-up assistance from select companies.

For more details, inquire with immigration officers, who will be pleased to point you to the appropriate resources for your circumstances.

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Onboarding Services

A range of services are also provided to help you settle in our region over the long term. Once you’ve been guided via remote support, we can help you with services tailored to your needs, such as finding accommodation, childcare or a job. We can also help you find recreational activities of interest. Networking and community integration activities are also organized to help you make new friends.

I am interested in onboarding services

Services for Individuals From Immigrant Backgrounds

Immigrants of all origins contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of Quebec communities. In the current context, the arrival of immigrants in the community is a vital influx of human wealth for the collective as a whole.

Onboarding of immigrants and ethno-cultural minorities in Abitibi-Ouest is a recent development that has acquired significant momentum in the past five years. It became clear that we needed to take steps to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment to newcomers. With that in mind, the Abitibi-Ouest MRC approved an onboarding action plan covering the arrival, integration, sustainable settlement and full participation of immigrants and ethno-cultural minorities in the region.

Support and guidance in moving to Abitibi-Ouest
  • Virtual stay as introduction to Abitibi-Ouest;
  • Personalized remote support throughout the process;
  • Guidance in eventual job search;
  • Answers to all questions and concerns.
Guidance for settling in
  • Assistance in the search for housing and/or daycares/schools;
  • In-person discovery tour of Abitibi-Ouest;
  • Contact with Abitibi-Ouest onboarding assistance agent;
  • Guidance for processes involving driver’s permit, cell phone provider, etc.
Onboarding activities
  • Various activities are organized to facilitate integration into the new community. These can cover economic, linguistic, and intercultural networking aspects;
  • Organized intercultural twinnings;
  • Organized integration sessions.
Support from employers

To meet the growing demand for human resources, an increasing number of employers are choosing international recruitment. If that is to be as beneficial for the worker as it is for the employer, however, this solution requires the onboarding and support process to be carefully planned and implemented.

A range of services are available to businesses in the region to help them recruit, welcome, integrate and retain foreign workers. Furthermore, a guide to best practices in receiving foreign workers has been drawn up; it provides a checklist and resources to help employers commit to and be receptive to all in order to attract future employees and enable them to thrive in our region.