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If you’re looking for freedom and empowerment, this is where you’ll build your dreams.

Finding a Job or an Internship

The job market has grown steadily in Abitibi-Ouest since 2010. We have jobs for you and your family. In fact, over the past few years, an average of 1,100 vacancies have been posted annually. And we’re talking about jobs that pay well! At $56,000+, the average income is significantly higher in Abitibi-Ouest than in Quebec as a whole. This is partly due to the fact that the workforce is concentrated in high-paying sectors, such as natural resources, manufacturing, and so on.

And yet, the works opportunities in Abitibi-Ouest are quite diversified. At the heart of the region’s economic structure are 658 businesses generating 6,799 jobs. The key sectors – farming, forestry, and production of value-added goods – account for 13% of jobs in the region. Although not as numerous, the manufacturing and construction sectors generate just as many jobs. The service sector accounts for three quarters of all jobs in the region. It is dominated by organizations in the fields of education, health, and public administration, thus guaranteeing a fairly stable employment base (33%). This is followed by retail, wholesale, hospitality and restaurants (25%).

Essentially, whatever your field, we’re sure to have a job that’s a good fit for you. Underground or aboveground, in an office or in the woods, there are plenty of employment opportunities here! Not only will you find the job of your dreams, but so will everyone with you. In fact, on a human level, the workplaces in Abitibi-Ouest are like the locals: warm and creative.

A platform for job hunters and employers

The Jobstat portal operated by Carrefour jeunesse emploi de l’Abitibi-Ouest lists all available positions in Abitibi-Ouest. Job hunters can create a profile, which helps employers find you without being allowed access to your personal information. Employers can also post vacant positions they are looking to fill.

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Start Your Own Business

In a community like ours, starting a business means contributing to community well-being and having a tangible impact of the lives of all residents. Do you have a business plan? We have what you need make that vision a reality.

A bit like a promised land, Abitibi-Ouest is the ideal place to build your dreams. In fact, our region is brimming with development potential, and there is still plenty of room on the market for new initiatives (business, social, cultural, sporting, etc.). In every town and village, there are opportunities to start-up a project or business that meets a need. There are also financial advantages to launching a venture in Abitibi-Ouest, with commercial rents being much lower than rentals in major urban areas. Furthermore, the size of our regional market means that there is little or no competition.

The area is also distinguished by a great degree of entrepreneurial freedom and empowerment. As a young territory with relatively recent development, Abitibi-Ouest is open to initiatives created on new foundations with a fresh vision and cutting-edge methods. It’s a superb opportunity for people who want to do things differently. For example, new businesses specializing in secondary and tertiary processing could maximize the use of the region’s natural resources while reaping greater economic benefits. What’s more, the area’s pristine, underexploited natural environment opens up a wealth of opportunities for tourism projects (outfitters, sports equipment rental companies, etc.) or agricultural and agri-food activities. Located in the heart of the largest zoned agricultural area in the province (2,058 km², of which only 12% is cultivated), Abitibi-Ouest has enormous agricultural potential to tap into.

To support its economy, Abitibi-Ouest also counts on strategic infrastructures such as an industrial park, access to the rail network, a helicopter service and an airport for emergency and private flights. In short, if you’re thinking of starting a business, Abitibi-Ouest could be just the place for you.

Community Involvement

In Abitibi-Ouest, the proximity and size of the population means that people here can easily have a beneficial impact on their living environment, if they choose to.

The Jebenevole.ca website lists a wealth of volunteering opportunities in line with your aspirations.

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