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Abitibi-Ouest’s greatest source of wealth is, by far, its people. Come get to know this wonderful community and add your personal touch to it.

A Land Rich in People

What sets Abitibi-Ouest apart is the people who live here and the builder’s spirit that drives them. They are extremely resourceful and resilient. Citizen mobilization projects such as « La Grande Séduction, c’est nous » have shown us that the people of Abitibi-Ouest know how to organize, find solutions and overcome challenges together. They are also creative and can point to remarkable successes, often with fewer resources than those in major urban centers. Driven by community spirit, the values of mutual assistance and solidarity, local inhabitants are interested, participative and partial to local initiatives.

Their human warmth can also be experienced on a daily basis. In Abitibi-Ouest, passersby look at each other, smile and say hello. The kindness and friendliness of the locals create a feeling of security within the community, making it a great place for families.

Portraits of local people

An ambassador is someone who can talk for hours about their home, its quality of life, attractions and local products, and never tire of it! They have a deep attachment, even a passion, for Abitibi-Ouest. The mission of our ambassadors is to showcase the area, its lifestyle and work opportunities and to extol the wonders of the region in their networks.

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