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Health and social services

We never lack for anything up here because we gladly come together in neighborly cooperation to launch initiatives that sustain our region’s vitality.

The Centre hospitalier de La Sarre, operated by the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue (CISSSAT), provides diagnostic services as well as general and specialized medical care.

In addition to the health and social services infrastructure in La Sarre, there are rural local community service centres (CLSCs) in seven municipalities. Their mission is to provide front-line, routine health and social services, as well as preventive, curative, rehabilitative and reintegration services, and public health activities to the population in the area they serve.

Centre hospitalier de La Sarre
679 2e Rue Est, La Sarre
Tél. : 819 333-2311

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Family Medicine Group (GMF)

The GMF and FMF-U des Aurores Boréales is a group of family physicians who work together and in close collaboration with other health and social services professionals to provide medical services on a private, public or hybrid basis. Students and trainees in various disciplines also provide care under supervision.

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La Grande Séduction en Abitibi-Ouest

The “La Grande Séduction, c’est nous” project emerged from the willingness of different players in Abitibi-Ouest and the Abitibi-Témiscamingue CISSS to work together to address the labour shortage in the healthcare sector. The project’s mission is to submit proposals to attract, recruit, and permanently retain doctors, nurses, specialists and other health resources in Abitibi-Ouest. This initiative is a shining example of how the people in this region come together for the common good.

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Private services

In addition to the services provided by public establishments, the populace of Abitibi-Ouest can also count on many available private health services.


Clinique Dentaire Centre-Ville
45A 5e Avenue Est, La Sarre

Clinique Dentaire Morin & Doyon
665 2e Rue Est, La Sarre

Clinique Dentaire Boulanger
222 3e Rue Est, La Sarre


Clinique d’optométrie Iris
49 5e Avenue Est, La Sarre

St-Pierre Laprise Optométristes
318 Rue Principale, La Sarre


Pharmacie UNIPRIX
255 3e Rue Est, La Sarre

Pharmacie Jean Coutu
84 5e Avenue Est, La Sarre


Dre Karine Major, chiropraticienne
40 2e Avenue Ouest, La Sarre

Clinique Chiropratique Mercier
71 7e Avenue Est, La Sarre

Clinique de physiothérapie de La Sarre inc.
298 rue Principale, La Sarre