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Food Services

We never lack for anything up here because we gladly come together in neighborly cooperation to launch initiatives that sustain our region’s vitality.

Abitibi-Ouest enjoys a good variety of grocery stores, supermarkets, and specialty food stores.

Whether people shop for fresh and local ingredient or organic and imported products, they find everything they need to keep the pantry well-stocked.

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Grocery stores and supermarkets

Consommation Plus
330 rue Principale, La Sarre
IGA Daigle
77 2e Rue Est, La Sarre
Marché Bonichoix Coop Dupuy
63-A rue Principale, Dupuy
255 3e Rue Est, La Sarre
Épicerie Marion et fils
199 rue Principale, Palmarolle
Épicerie Gauthier
205 rue Principale, Ste-Germaine-Boulé
Marché Tradition
80 rue Principale, Macamic
Coopérative de Solidarité
31 rue Principale Est, Roquemaure
Épicerie Roger Plante 2.0
411 Rue Principale, Authier-Nord

Bio-food producers and processors

Abitibi-Ouest is home to many bio-food producers and processors, most of whom operate year-round growing or transforming fruit and vegetables, meats, cheeses, processed products and more.

In fact, everyone’s invited to celebrate the abundance of Abitibi-Ouest and the creativity of its bio-foods producers and processors by visiting the page

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Abitibi-Ouest is rich in its cattle producers.

Notice the efforts to produce the meat required for a successful family BBQ.


Cattle production and Abitibi-Ouest were designed for each other, high quality grass, herbivore par excellence, harsh winter, resistant animal, large space, large herd.


Our beef entrepreneurs are people who have passed on their passions to their children, allowing us to have young trained entrepreneurs who have chosen beef production as a way of life.


Come discover Abitibi-Ouest, a territory rich in local flavors.


Click here to watch the video clip on our cattle producers

Abitibi-Ouest rich in its vegetable production

Watch a producer tame the clay of Abitibi-Ouest and offer us good and beautiful vegetables.

The territory is experiencing unprecedented growth in market gardening production.


Several market garden producers have appeared in recent years, men, women, young and old. All determined to offer us the freshest, of unrivaled quality.


These vegetables can be found in several ways; weekly baskets, public markets, Christmas markets, directly from producers.
Come discover Abitibi-Ouest, a territory rich in local flavors.



Click here to watch the video clip on our vegetable gardening production

Abitibi-Ouest is rich in its dairy producers.

Discover all the work and love that goes into your dairy products.


We are a young territory, but which in a short time has developed a tradition of excellence. As demonstrated by the presence of 4 master breeders in this small MRC in northwestern Quebec and the numerous awards of excellence won by our cheese factories.


Our milk is produced by families who have been able to transfer all their know-how to young people. This production helps maintain vitality in many villages in our territory.


Come discover Abitibi-Ouest, a territory rich in local flavors.


Click here to watch the video clip on our dairy production