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Rivière-Ojima is made up of two distinct sectors on either side of Authier-Nord: Languedoc to the east and Saint-Eugène-de-Chazel to the west.

Crédit : Hugo Lacroix

Both places provide the peace and quiet of nature, a restful holiday destination dotted with lakes, and vast stretches of unspoiled nature that are popular with hunters.

With an area of 365.8 km², the unorganized territory (TNO) Rivière-Ojima is located in the northeastern part of the Abitibi-Ouest Regional County Municipality (MRC).

Under the Act respecting municipal territorial organization (LOTM), any part of the territory of Quebec that is not that of a local municipality is an unorganized territory (TNO). The regional county municipality (MRC) then acts as a local municipality with regard to it and its citizens.

The creation of the unorganized territory (TNO) Rivière-Ojima dates from January 1, 1986.

By the numbers

Date of incorporation
51 km
Distance from La Sarre
Crédit : Hugo Lacroix

Contact the municipality of Rivière-Ojima

(819) 339-5671


1 5e Avenue Est, La Sarre, Quebec J9Z 1K7